Peace Corps Response MX

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September 9, 2017

I finally have a break in the schedule to catch up on some long overdue communication. The hurricanes & earthquakes have not impacted me at all. Queretaro seems to be far enough away from the coast & the epicenter of “el sismo” to be very safe. Our Peace Corps Response group of 9 convened in Washington, DC, for 1 day of Mexican embassy passport & visa work plus initial Peace Corps orientation. Elea joined me for 2 nights at the Kimpton Donovan Hotel which helped give me a very nice send-off (which helped after almost losing my house keys, wallet, passport, & phone in my nervousness about leaving). Luckily, it was good preparation being extra careful not to misplace anything valuable since then. We were later joined at the Washington airport by Jesse Ogle who just finished up a 2 year term as PC Volunteer at my INAOE site and since signed up to join our group as a PCR Volunteer in the Yucatan. We sat together on the plane and then shared a hotel room for our first night in Queretaro, so he’s been extremely helpful giving me many tips for surviving & thriving in this new environment. After a full day of training at the Peace Corps Mexico office in Querétaro on Fri., we all moved in with host families for the rest of our 10-day training here. I’m staying with Lupita Rodriquez Lomeli (pictured below with me and a historic aqueduct) in a beautiful old house very near the PC Office & the historical center plaza. Lupita doesn’t speak any English, but she has hosted other PC Volunteers, so she was very patient with my early attempts to communicate in Spanish. Today we had a great overview of Mexican history & culture, followed by an extensive walking tour and local cuisine. This week will have lots of celebrations here, including a unique “Los Concheros” ( on 9/13-14, and “Dia de la Independencia” ( on 9/15-16. So much to absorb & learn, but I’m still more excited than exhausted. More to follow as I get a little more settled. Love, Doug/David/Dad

Peace Corps Response Mexico – Group 11 at PC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (left to right): Will Coffee, Laura Mills, John Shyrock, Carolyn Smith, Ean Hundley, Sue Thompson, Jaimie Pruitt, Anne-Marie Armstrong, & Douglas David Crockett.  Not pictured – Jesse Ogle who joined us in Dallas en-route to Querétaro.
Jesse Ogle leading “la caminata del gato” in Querétaro.
Guadalupe (Lupita) Rodriguez Lomelie, mi madre mexicana, y yo delante del histórico acueducto de Querétaro
Los Concheros ( )






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