P-12 SWOT Analysis

October 19, 2017

Participants:  Enrique, Eduardo, Ansel, Alma, Doug & Ana Li at our weekly team meeting.

Purpose:  What are the changes to our current 3 proposal that build on our INTERNAL Strengths, correct for our INTERNAL Weaknesses; capitalize on the EXTERNAL Opportunites & protect from the EXTERNAL Threats? The successful future proposal & project lies in the middle of this context (e.g. the “sweet spot.”)



  • INAOE research history & reputation with CONACYT & CEMIE funding
  • Power TAC experience & competitive success (COLD Power broker)
  • SUMEX connection & possible contract/collaboration on the MX energy market
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to help decision-making for:
    • Prediction of energy markets & balancing microgrid outputs with the grid.
    • Failure detection (especially with wind farm simulations – La Ventosa)
    • Drone experience (e.g. agricultural applications)
  • Experienced team:
    • Enrique – experience & visibility (2016 Nat’l. MX Research honor)
    • Ansel – most experienced with coding Power TAC competition
    • Eduardo – AI, Machine Learning (ML), Robotics}
    • Enrique Muñoz Cote (returning in January): MAS, drone ML
    • Pablo: BN , Diagnosis
    • Alma – administrative & $ experience
    • Uriel (INEL), software engineer experience in failure detection
    • Ana Li (masters student) working on failure detection
    • Rene (masters student) working on drones
    • Vladimir (doctorate student) working on simulation & automization
  • Peace Corps Response Volunteer (Douglas David, 9/2017-9/2018)
  • Lots of data


  • Not the right kind of data – not enough real energy market or real wind farm data
  • Annual team turnover with students, especially, but also researchers & PCRV
  • Only Ansel with Power TAC coding experience
  • No software developers
  • Microgrid test site is far away (La Ventosa), not connected & only partially working
  • No onsite personnel or communication at La Ventosa yet (Jan.?)
  • Not much business experience
  • No products &/or services that are ready for “prime time” business yet
  • Not enough expertise in electrical power & equipment
  • Internal INOAE bureaucracy – time & money



  • Growing markets:
    • Energy exchanges (MX, US & Europe)
    • Renewable Energy (RE) systems (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower – 19%, etc.) with only 23% of the current MX energy market.
  • Mexican governmental policy support for climate change mitigation & RE systems (e.g 35% of electricity generated in MX must be from RE by 2024, 43% by 2030, & 50% by 2050, only at 18.3% now), SENER (policy), SEMARNAT ($ support).
  • Increasing frequency of natural disasters, worldwide (e.g. hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, climate change impacts, etc.), is forcing the electricity industry to consider more local & resilient solutions with microgrids & RE systems.
  • Growing popular interest in the Internet of Things (IOT) & artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Investments to support this research & development (MX, US & other businesses):
    • Carlos Sim Heuú, Carso Energy;
    • Germán Larrea, Grupo México;
    • Alberto Bailleres, Grupo BAL;
    • Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Grupo Salinas & Grupo Dragon;
    • Vitaluz – portable solar panels for low-income families in MXC & Hidalgo
    • Bright start-up & Combinator, an accelerator investor
    • Eve Technologies – hydrogen vs. diesel for generators
    • Daniel Gómez Iñiguez, SOLBEN (Solucionnes en Bioengergía)
    • CleanTech Challenge with support from Banamex, Aeroméxico, Nacional Financiera & CONACYT
    • Inventive Power – A solar concentrator was the 2010 winner ($250,000 P)
    • Ricardo Rios, Sumex – He helped create regulations for the new Mexican energy markets)
    • Elon Musk, Tesla (recent proposal to power the Puerto Rico recovery)
  • Need for intelligent controls (e.g. microgrids, drones, markets)
  • Need for systems to predict how to make $, detect failures & prevent shutdowns
  • Potential collaboration with big companies already in the market (e.g. Axiona MX)
  • Potential collaboration with Tech Parks Arizona on the Global Advantage Program (for help with business plans), on a delegation field trip to Tucson, AZ in Jan./Feb., and on an INAOE test park (e.g. microgrid with solar panels, storage & controls using business support)
  • Collaboration with other Mexican research institutes.
  • Collaboration with other countries (e.g. US; Ecuador Microgrid; Politecnic institute of Porto in Purtugal; Universidad de Camaguey in Cuba; and Columbia?).
  • Patent protection for unique INAOE ideas, products &/or services.


  • Research $ cuts (e.g. CEMIE-Eólica, CEMIE-REDES, CONACYT, etc.)
  • Political instability in and with the United States
  • Increasing cost of natural gas for electricity (75% of the current MX energy market)
  • Big companies are already in the business of energy markets, RE diagnostics, microgrids, drones, etc.
  • Mexican Elections in 2018.
  • Big companies have more $ to succeed in this business faster
  • Losing ownership of the INAOE ideas, data, algorithms, etc.

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