¡Viva Mexico!

El Grito en Querétaro

September 16, 2017

I’m still recovering from a late-night foray into El Centro de Querétaro last night for “El Grito” at 11 pm.  That’s when a conspiracy to overthrow the Spanish control was discovered here in 1810, and set off a cry to start a revolution the next day (9/16) which is Mexico’s Independence Day.  I stuck it out with another PCR friend for a first-hand view of the celebration with thousands of Mexicans crowded into the main plaza.  After 11 pm, the real party began with fireworks, music & dancing that seemed to go on all night.  Today there are lots of military parades happening here & around the country.  Meanwhile our Peace Corps Response group (of 10) is winding down our initial training here at the Peace Corps Mexico office before heading out to our individual sites later next week.  I will be meeting my counterpart from INAOE (http://www.inaoep.mx/en/) on Thur. and then relocating to Tonantzintla, a suburb of Puebla, on Fri. (9/22).  I will be living with another host family there for the next month as I get settled into my new community & microgrid energy project.  My Spanish is improving, but that’s still my biggest challenge in this adventure.  Everyone has been extremely kind & patient.  I had a mild case of diarrhea several days ago, but it passed quickly with great support from the Peace Corps Medical Officer who is closely monitoring the health of about 300 PC volunteers around Mexico.  I recently changed my phone to a Mexican carrier (Telcel) to make communicating with my colleagues here easier, so I will have another # for the next 12 months (+52–1222-199-2361).  WhatsAp seems to be another common way of communicating here via text and video calls.  My email address will remain the same, and I may be inspired to start a blog soon.  My son, Tom, suggested “PUEBLOG”  for my new social media handle, so look for my first post soon.  Quiero aprender más sobre México, y puedo comunicar con mis amigos y amigas in Los Estados Unidos cuando yo lo aquí.  ¡Viva un puente nuevo entre nuestros países!  I know that it’s still very bad Spanish, but I’m learning the most by trying and often failing without taking it too personally.  It’s a good life lesson for trying to grow old gracefully.  Doug/David

IMG_0094.JPGFor more details about Mexico’s Day of Independence see:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_War_of_Independence




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