AZ & TX Collaboration?

October 31, 2017

Thanks to you all for participating in what felt like a very productive first meeting.   On the INAOE side, we came away with 3 specific next steps:

1.  Explore the potential for sharing energy production and storage data (with both UA researchers & TEP staff),
2.  Discuss the potential to collaborate on future project proposals (with both México and US funding), and
3.  Plan a Tucson visit in early March 2018.
As they said at the end of the famous Casablanca movie (paraphrased), “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”  Saludos, Douglas David (+52-1-222-119-2361)
Conference call with the UA Tech Park Arizona staff and the INAOE P-12 Team.  Pictured (left to right) in the foreground:  Dr. Luis Enrique Sucar Succar, Dr. Eduardo F. Morales Manzanares, Alma Rios Flores and Dr. Ansel Rodriguez.  Tech Park AZ staff pictured on the screen: Dr. Richard Powell, Bruce Wright, Naomi Weiner and Justin Dustram.  Not pictured, but also on the call: Dr. Pablo Hector Ibarguengoytia Gonzalez (from INEEL) and Douglas David Crockett.   
REMINDER – We agreed to a conference call tomorrow (10/31) at 11:30 am (Tucson time)/12:30 pm (Puebla time) to discuss the potential collaboration between INAOE ( and Tech Parks Arizona (  Justin, Naomi, Ansel & I reviewed the draft agenda (attached) and tested the Skype connection this morning to ensure a productive one-hour call tomorrow.  Both Spanish and English can be used during the call, as needed, to help everyone feel comfortable.  I hope that you can join us/Espero que tu puedan acompañarnos. Saludos, Douglas David (+52-1-222-119-2361)
We later (11/16/2017) had a similar conference call with the research staff at the National Wind Institute (NWI) which is part of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.   NWI Call (11.9.2017 DRAFT)
I’m hopeful that we can create some cross-border collaboration between the INAOE research staff and these two U.S. universities that will last much longer than my one-year Peace Corps Response assignment.

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