Money & Microgrids

Enrique & Pablo – Thanks for including me in the CEMIE-Eólica meeting at INEEL in Cuernavaca last Friday. I’m only sorry that Ansel wasn’t able to join us because of his recent ice skating injury.  I appreciated hearing the latest guidelines and March deadlines for our future proposal(s). I also appreciated the car ride, Enrique, for a chance to see the surrounding countryside, and to finally get more acquainted.  I promised to share several links (below) about the growing interest in cryptocurrency and how that revolution in the financial sector could impact both our current and future microgrid projects.  I’m copying our other P-12 Team members so that we can all start this new year with some new ideas. In order of priority, I recommend:
1. This is a brief & recent (10/31/2017) article with a 2 min. video that gives a good overview of the connection between cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and energy markets. I think this could be especially interesting for our Sumex collaboration:
2.  I also think this more recent Siemens/LO3 investment and pilot cryptocurrency & microgrid project in Brooklyn, New York (12/20/2017) could have implications for our future proposals.  Siemens wants to partner with LO3 on “further projects across the globe,” so why don’t we help them with a pilot project in Mexico?[]=EM
3.  Finally, if you want a more extensive overview on why cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are worth paying attention to, I recommend Don Topscott’s June 2016 TED Talk (18 mins.) that we used in a recent INAOE Talks english conversation club: .  Note especially, his example of data as one of the critical areas that block chains can protect and democratize.
I had a great holiday vacation with my American family visiting me in Cholula.  Now I’m looking forward to a prosperous 2018 working together with our microgrid team at INAOE & INEEL (maybe even TTU & UA). Thanks to all of you for your patience with my slow Spanish learning.  The one value of starting out bad is that you can only get better!  Saludos, Douglas David
PS – With your permission, I would like to post this message as an entry in my PUEBLOG (  That encourages me to translate my thoughts into Spanish and also helps me fulfill the Peace Corps’ 3rd Goal of keeping friends, family and colleagues in the United States more aware of what this Peace Corps Response assignment involves.
Dr. Luis Enrique Sucar Succar, me and Dr. Pablo Héctor Ibargüengoytia González at the Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energías Limpias (INEEL)

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