Stolen Bike – Que Triste II!

So after a Sunday of mindful meditation and slowly adjusting to the loss of many valuables in my backpack on Saturday, today my bicycle was stolen!  This was a legitimate theft as my bike was locked to a very solid post while I was in a nearby Cholula store for about 15 minutes.  Because the key to my stronger Kryptonite bike lock was lost earlier, I was using a lighter combination chain inherited from a departing PC volunteer.  Still, what did I do to deserve this sudden run of bad luck?

Actually, the clearest message that I’m getting from both of these incidents is that SHIT HAPPENS!  I’m also learning a lot about letting go of . . . things, expectations, niaivity, innocence, and the illusion of control.  I’m sure that there is more to learn.  It’s feels like peeling away layers of an emotional onion, and I think that crying would help.  My INAOE counterpart, Dr. Enrique Sucar, quoted his grandfather as advising that “if it is just about money, don’t worry.”

I’m not worried, but I am sad.  I’m especially noticing my emotional attachment to the things that are an extension of me and make my life more fulfilling.  Maybe that’s just part of the white male privilege problem, compounded by being a retired gringo in a less developed country.  That bike was one of my closest companions in Mexico, providing a lot of transportation freedom and excillerating exercise.  I will need to spend some time grieving this loss before being able to move on as freely or happily.

It’s raining out now which helps calm my spirit.  Rest tonight will help.   Good night!


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